Fifa 17 Best Goals


During my time trying to qualify to Fifa 17 Ultimate team weekend league I scored a few goals however, never enough to qualify me for it. One of the hardest thing I have found out is every-time I get to the semis my team just goes crap. I have changed my team so many times now that the game is just becoming frustrating to pay and not enjoyable anymore. So before I kick it out the window I have cut my 30 goals down to what I thought are my 3 best goals over the last month or so.

I was surprised to see how many of them goals I scored were very similar to each other and I was getting worried to see could I even get a a few goals but I think I have pulled out a few gems for you to see.

Again please ignore my video editing skills as I have a lot to learn in this part of both blogging and YouTubing (is this a new word probably not)

Would really like a like on my YouTube and blog if you don’t mind and if you do please do it anyway Ha Ha thanks

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